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Eric at 16 Magazine

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Sometime in the summer of 1980, Eric stopped by the offices of 16 Magazine in New York City where he posed for a group of pictures to use in the publication. He was promoting the release of his Tonight You're Mine LP. Here is a photo from that session.

I was lucky enough to purchase the original negatives from this shoot on eBay last month. There were several more that went to another bidder (I wasn't fast enough on my mouse). If that bidder is a Member of EricCarmen.com, please contact me. I'd love to complete the set and can offer you non-watermarked high-resolution scans in exchange.

Oh, and sorry for the big honking' EricCarmen.com logo across the image. Almost all of the rare photos of Eric and 'Berries online once came from me and this website. Sort of sucks to not get any credit for them. Besides, if someone likes one of these pics, it might bring them here and that can't be bad, right?

Anyway, enjoy! :)


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Such a great picture of him. Seeing the Bay City Rollers and Cheap Trick in the background moves me back into that time, The shot of Miss Piggy is priceless in the picture. I hate to admit it but 16 magazine had some great pictures and articles.

I can't believe that Les's face is blocked out with Bay City Rollers on that poster. He was the main attraction of that band. He was like the Davey Jones of the Monkees.

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When I was a younger girl, I use to buy this magazine when I had a couple of extra dollars in my

pocket. It was a GREAT magazine with gorgeous, glossy pictures and posters in it. And it was filled

with exciting, new stories about all our favourite teen idols. I also believe in giving credit where it is due.

Bernie (all) your pictures you post are beautiful and this one is no different! It's a GREAT, great find!

Thanks for your generosity in sharing it with everybody! What a handsome, handsome guy!!! :)

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