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Mumford and Sons


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I bought tickets for Mumford and Sons on a whim last November for April concert last week - I pretty much bought the tickets based on "I Will Wait" -pretty much the only song I knew at the time!

A week before the concert, I quickly downloaded some tunes based on their setlist and had some quick listening sessions to get familiar with them in my car on the drive back and forth to work!  The concert was a lot of fun, Excel Energy Center sold out, and one song, "Ditmus", involved the lead singer meandering through the floor with microphone (floor packed with general admission attendees), up and down stairs, singing away while being basically mobbed! Fun to watch!

One of the songs I had downloaded and started to get to know, has clearly become a favorite of mine after hearing it live. It's called "Tompkins Square Park". I have read that their most recent album is departing a bit from the banjo, folksy side to becoming more rock. I like the progression (even though I do like some banjo also!)


Next week Paul McCartney!  I'm very excited! (my first time seeing a Beatle!)

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Thank you for sharing the experience. You described the story so lively like it would´ve been there and felt the same way about the music :) . 

Anyway you brought the interest to the band and their music. I propably never have chance to see a Beatle :( , so glad someone somewhere can do that :D 

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