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Arista Records Reunion


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After dinner, and I'm at a European Caffe place with a friend.

That song has become Gold in a   variety of entertainment venues- On T.V. and singing contests, movies, and Las Vegas!

That's more and more Gold!  Happy Fourtieth Anniversary. Wow, like it was just yesterday. Actually it was in a recent animated movie. 


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Thanks, even though I had not returned at the time. I believe the bump is worth it for the newer members. To hear the story from "the man" is better than third or fourth hand.

Oh, other sites I visit don't mind me doing time-travelling, so I hope Bernie, EC and no one else minds.


Plus, as a glasses wearer myself, no shame in that! Still landed two fellas and four kids. First son at 25  shouldn't have a problem landing a woman!

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