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Frank Sinatra Jr. Has Died


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  • 2 weeks later...

Frank and the Sinatra's knew of me well, on The Sinatra Family Website. I posted years ago.

Frank Jr. was an incredible music historian. Especially, anythimg regarding his father. To hear him talk was an amazing experience. A very gifted speaker to add on to his outstanding leadership as a band director.  

He performed at a small club in England, merely by a fans' request to hear him sing and perform his father's songs. Someone wrote him their need for money assistance.. Frank Jr. helped him out. He was there for all of his fans.

Onstage, when the bluelight was on him, he looked just like his father. Frank Jr. you gave with your heart and sang with dedication and your soul.

Open the door, Frank Jr. has walked into Heaven!

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My Way Tribute, starting near end of song-I've loved, I've laughed and cried.....

Your best, you gave your best

And now you rest, we will remember

That charm.... that did no harm

-Because of you, each year songs were heard through December.

That step to give your all

And you stood tall

The fans cheered you so dearly

And now again, Frank has a friend

They call you Junior.

( Crescendo of end of My Way Song)

With all you've got! .... To all your fans

Like sisters and brothers..... we CHeered Frank's songs!!

For us, in review....

And the things you said; With. stories you told us

Are never dead...

You sang them through; Those songs we knew

We thank you....... Ourrrrrr Wayyyyyy!!!

Thank you, Our Wayyyyy!!!!

From Your Way; His Way.....You helped people.....God's Wayyyy!!!


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