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ABM in Zootopia (?)

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I don't watch too many animated features, but this one actually looks cute and funny.  Now there is one more good reason to go see it!

I bet back when Mr. Carmen wrote the song, he never imagined the many varied ways in which his song would be put to use.  Thanks for the extra info---now I will make a point of going to see it (the bit about the DMV is already definitely worth a look !!)

AnneNR  :D

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I found this description of the scene online:

In the film Zootopia, a snippet of Eric Carmen singing "All By Myself" is heard as Judy Hopps—alone and on her own for the first time—hears the song on her clock radio.

The picture pretty much sums it up. Sounds quite moving...really looking forward to seeing this one when it hits the home video market.


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