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Urban Cowboy


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I hadn't seen "Urban Cowboy" since it played in the theaters in 1980 (I believe).  Recently saw it again on Netflix and remembered it spawned all kinds of similar songs on the radio.

My local station played a song quite regularly, it wasn't from the movie, but similar in sound/content/style - I think I even tried to get it on my own cassette tape as I liked it at the time.

I never did know who sang it, nor do I know the title...It pops into my head once in awhile, the few words I remember anyway!  I have searched online and have come up empty.  Does anyone know this song??? Here is what I remember:

You're giving me the shoulder, still I want to hold her (you?)

Something's really wrong here, we better talk it over

So come a little closer, I'm standing on the border

between loving you tonight, and losing you forever....

So baby, how can I hold you when you don't even try

how can I hold you, if you ain't mine?

Standing on a.......love gone by???

That's it!  Any good sleuths out there?  Sometime around 1980.


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Curiosity got the better of me, so I gave it a try.  However, what I did find out may or may not be much help to you ---  I found this excerpt from a blog site of some sort, it is posted by a "Billy Anderson" in a section called ZOMBIE AUXILLIARY QUILTING BEE which has the following.....

DEEKY first posts--

Re:It Came in the Mail!

(Date Posted:03/28/2014 11:17 AM)
Reply to The_Masked_Claw (03/28/2014 1:16  PM)
---Are there screamers in gay porn who sound like they're being murdered, like you sometimes get with straight porn actresses?  ---Thanks to never knowing when one of them might appear in a scene, I keep the sound down.
None that I've heard.Thankfully.
Then BILLY ANDERSON posts ---
Reply to Deeky
Date Posted:03/29/2014 9:45 AM
Reply to Deeky (03/28/2014 11:09 AM
I tend to keep the volume down because porn scores are terrible, even in gay porn.

then there is this additional information posted--

Deeky, in the past, I have mentioned never being able to ID the title and artist of the great song used on the opening and closing titles of A TRIBUTE TO THE KING, relased shortly after the death of john c holmes in early 1988.

The opening titles says, "On March 13, 1988, John C. Holmes passed away.  He left us with some of the greatest moments ever in adult entertainment. We dedicate this feaure in his memory."

I've asked about it in the past, and non one has been able to ID it.

Someone on another board says it was written by an ex lover of John's, in honor of him.

I've finally transcribed all of the lyrics as well as I can hear them.  If I could get the official lyrics, I could find out just how accuate my hearing is.

Here are the lyrics, as complete as I can get them from the video:

"You’re giving me the shoulder / still I want to hold you  /

something’s really wrong / we better talk it over /

come a little closer / standing on the border /

between loving you tonight / and loosing you forever /

Now tell me, how can I love you / when you don’t even try /

how can I hold you / you’re not mine /

standing in the wings / by and by

Oh baby, how can I reach out / when nobody’s there /

Throwing your heart out / You don’t care /

You should see two people / alone in bed

Now show me little reason / something to believe in /

Tell me where your heart is / You can take me there"

I have been able to look up the video this guy was talking about on Amazon ---

A Tribute to the King    John Holmes[Actor], Amber Lynn[Actor]  DVD new @ $18.95

I don't know if you can find it beyond being in this video.  :blush2:  I am not going to try to hear it by watching any snippets that might be on youtube, no thank you, not my cup of tea.  If you can find it in some other way tracking it down, the lyrics make it sound like a good song, and I would be interested in the audio version (not the video).  Good Luck!


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Oh my!  AnneNR you are a great sleuth!  Those words sound right to me...maybe a few lines I don't remember, but the other words filled in really nicely.  Hmmmm, not sure I could watch that video either, haha!  I'm sure it wasn't a top song of the times, yet it played where I lived, so seems like there should be more info out there! Someone's one hit wonder possibly!  The local radio announcers of the stations that I listened to then, are still working there....husband does know one of them....not sure if I can go so far as to ask, but if I heard it enough back then, maybe he did, too!   I may ponder that approach! (certainly not the most important mystery in the world, just has me wondering! ^_^).

Thanks for taking the time!!  I will surely let you know if I find out anything!




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