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Never Say Die!

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I usually copy the URLs for stories and sites; it could work for music, too.

As for the old places like Limewire, Bearshare, etc., I hate Infected PC Syndrome. Go ahead, sue me, download companies. I am a pauper.

I paste the links temporarily, then they go bye-byes. Running my own website, anyone is advised to ask before they take my fiction! Non-profit hobbies and good music are all I need, thank you kindly.

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I do, and have even saved it on a current Acer laptop. Darn, darn, darn, I lost it. I can easily find it again and save it to a Notepad file.

This time I'll rename it "I'm Not In The Misheard Lyrics Hall". I have read you can make things you've written disappear, but I doubt it.

"Cindy........" really can be set to Left Banke's tune.

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Re: "Never Say Die" is lying low in Winamp, no idea I how managed that. This chic needs a refresher course in making playlists, since, as I said, I reuse to use the named download sites. I have the true lyrics to the song, and all I need now is a piece of equipment to attach to this computer that didn't come with a player or burner or either a blooming manual. What? I need to buy a manual, too? Why are so many people so greedy today? Since I hate to admit I wasn't born yesterday, I follow my father's advice:

"You have a brain to use, please do so." You bet!

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