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Never Say Die!

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For new Members, thought I'd revisit an EricCarmen.com exclusive: four years ago, my good pal Tommy Allen helped me turn an old demo tape of an unreleased Eric Carmen song into a dream. Not only did we get to polish one of Eric's raw gems, but I got to play rock star and strum some guitars along with Blondie guitarist Paul Carbonara and Billy Branigan on bass, augmented by Tommy's incredible drumming.

If you're already familiar with the track, take a trip down memory lane. If you're new to the tune...ENJOY!



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It was written in 1991 (or so) by Eric and Desmond Child. Eric told me that they were trying to write a "James Bond" style song. After we got our hands on it, Tommy Allen didn't really try to produce it that way. Rather, his aim was to fill it to the brim with real instruments and see if it could rock. And rock, it did!


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I agree. Just having listened to "Hungry Eyes" I popped in and found this again!  Thanks for okstevens, you made my day; wonderful bump on a hot and sticky day.

BTW Mr.C, if/when you decide to publish this gem, please include "Cindy in the Wind" either as the B-side or in a new album. It's never too late to introduce a couple of new generations to REAL MUSIC.  Never. :wub:



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The story of "Never Say Die" (and yes, it all started here!):

An unsolicited e-mail was received at EricCarmen.com from someone who said that he had purchased the contents of an abandoned storage locker in Los Angeles containing a tape with Eric Carmen's name on it. A few days later a very large and heavy box arrived. Inside was a 2" master tape with the title, "Never Say Die."

Originally recorded as a demo in 1991, "Never Say Die" was written by Eric Carmen and Desmond Child.

The instrumentation on the demo recording was sparse and pre-programmed, and the song lay unfinished. Unitil now. 

Intoxicated with the excitement of finding the multi-track master of an UNRELEASED Eric Carmen demo, my good buddy Tommy Allen and I decided to finish the song. We added real drums, bass and guitars to Eric's original vocals (what a concept!)

After hearing the song for the first time in over a decade and as part of a new recording, Eric called it "absolutely GREAT!" adding, "It was great fun hearing it again and the guys did an incredible job with it."

A few painstaking months later we had a final mix, and "Never Say Die" got the chance to live up to its name.

The final credits on the track include: Tommy Allen (drums/percussion), Billy Branigan (bass, guitars/keyboards), Paul Carbonara (guitars/keyboards) and me (guitars).


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You'll find a lot of treasures in the older threads, Pam.  Just because Tony Cartmill says I'm in the Miss Heard Lyrics Hall of Fame doesn't mean it's true. I Googled that!

Bernie posted the lyrics to "Cindy in the Wind", lovely song, and some of us supposed Mr. Carmen was overly critically. It wasn't actually pressed, but I wish it had been. Maybe it will. I used to sing it in my apartment. Sounds much like "Walk Away Renee" (both Left Banke and Carmen did it separately) and I wished I had filed every word in Notepad.


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