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"Go All the Way" Remix

Brian Michael Page

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The cat looks strung out on something, cute or not.  :P

This guy does a pretty good job of stretching out a song to the 6 minute mark, and the reverberations in sections of the song are rather cool.  Disco, nope---not quite.  But the energy of the song is definitely maintained.  I think if this version were released today it would do well in the charts.  Different segments of instrumentation were clear and distinct instead of (for lack of a better nuanced word) blended.  That did not take away from the original, and yet it is a very slight difference to hear. 

Thank goodness this guy did not reverb the vocals, he kept the guys vocals clear without "stuttering" them in a reverb or disc-scratching repeat of syllables before uttering the entire word of a line in the song, i.e. --- like digitally having Mr. Carmen sing "G-G-G-G-go All the W-W-W-way" with the stacato that early Hip Hop (?) technicians used to do---ruining some songs they used to "sample" from (in my opinion).

I'm gonna check out some of the other selections he has remixed like this.  Sounds delightful. ^_^


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