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Vinyl- "IWBWY"


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It occurs to me that we should not be too hard on this production.  (1)  The production values and technology between a 1970's top 40 record and a 2016's television show are somewhat different.  (2)  Probably MOST IMPORTANT is that the writers and producers of Vinyl appear to be acknowledging Raspberries place in musical history.  I think we should applaud the effort.


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Loved that clip, despite the fact that Wally and son are so different in size (Wally is a big dude) and despite the impression of those white suits that seemed to wrongfully characterize the real 'berries back in the day. But... as an earlier poster said, the effort is applauded and appreciated. In fact, the visibility was a big thing for this board, if you remember. 

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Did we like the rest of the show? I wish it had been a bit more historically accurate but overall I enjoyed it. Could've been better but it captured some semblance of the feel for the era for me. I wouldn't have minded a second season focused on the later '70s.

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