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Happy Birthday, James!!!

susie b

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Thanks you guys, I was pretty touched A couple hours ago....I went into a panaderia / coffee shop that I frequent and the girl who works there told me she remembered something earlier today,..she said that what she remembered was that it was my birthday tomorrow,....I don´t remember telling her my bday but I must have at some point.  I was kind of touched.

 She´s 25 and left Nicaragua a couple years ago because of the dismal state of things there.  She left her 6 year old daughter with her Mom so she could come to Panamá and work and send money back to Nicaragua for her daughter.  She works 6 days/week earning $500/month but still supports herself AND sends money back home for her daughter.  Amazing.  She hasn´t seen her daughter in 2 years and it kills her, but this is the best option for her. 

She´s a character girl,....you see a lot of that down here.  There is a lot of bad stuff, , mainly in the powerful clases and the government, but there are so many people like her that I´ve fallen in love with the country.  The company I started up in 2013 has  300 or so customers and the brunt of them have the character that this girl has.  It´s humbling.  We get to know our customers more intimately than do most banks, as we have to, as the loans we make are difficult, and thus I´ve gotten a close-up look at the real Panamanian through getting to know our customers, and the real Panamanian is humble, works so very very hard, feels a sense of responsibility to pay his/her bills,... when he/she gets knocked down they get back up, shake the dust off, and figure out another way.  Never do they whine and expect to be bailed out by someone else.  The familiy networks here are very strong also, they support one another when things are tough.  It´s quite inspiring and something we could learn from.

I´ve learned a lot, for sure, and learn more everyday. 

Sorry for the ramble, it wasn´t intended, but sometimes my fingers kind of do their own thing.  :-)

Anyway, thanks again, ...
and OH,  I almost forgot to tell you guys, but The James Harem members are on strike!  Can you believe that???


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birthday-funny.jpg  Image result for happy birthday humor for a guy  

I got an "undercover" video of the party your "harem" put together for you . . . you're not in Vegas, so it couldn't stay in Panama, just had to get smuggled out of the country for us up here in the U.S. !!!  :ph34r:

AnneNR  :lol:    Congrats, ya got another year!




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