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"Celine Dion Classic"...Really?


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About that Celine thing - Well, I truly hope I use this expression correctly, but I would like to say: " Stupid is as Stupid does (or says)" .I remember this expression from "Forrest Gump", and I think it´s suitable in current situation as well. 

Sorry, but I didn´t like that  interpretation of A  song. Singer was absolutely nervous, and couldn´t perform, he spoiled the song. I´m so sorry for the song :( 

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SHAME ON RYAN SEACREST !!!!!   He should have said by Singer / Songwriter Eric Carmen, an ERIC CARMEN classic!!  And the guy singing the song just seems to want to move vocal notes up and down the scale, he just wasn't feeling it AT ALL.  What a lost opportunity, and then to effusively thank the judges for their comments sounded like an attempt at damage control for the voting audience, and just trying to save face.  Ridiculous.  ::yikes::


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