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The Site Deserves Our Help


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I recently realized I had  not kept up like I'd wanted to  with respect to my small annual financial contribution to the site.  Bad boy was James! :-)  So I made my contribution a few days ago and now I can sleep better at night :-)

Anyway, Bernie never pushes us to contribute, but a push probably is needed once in a while for me, and maybe for some other members too.   Bernie fundamentally underwrites all the cost entailed with running this site, as I understand it,...   I think it would be great if those who can, or see fit to,  contributed at least a little. 

There is a link at the bottom right of the forum main page where we can contribute. 

I know everybody is equally welcome to enjoy the site, whether one chooses to contribute or not, and I know everyone here is appreciated,  so hopefully people won't feel pressure from this post.  It's just a reminder post from a fellow member that there is a way to help if one sees fit to do so.

P.S. Thanks Bernie for this site...and the time and resources you expend in running it.  You've done a really good deed in keeping Eric Carmen´s name out there, and keeping his music alive for the world to enjoy.  You are very much appreciated.


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Thanks for the reminder, James.  I need to hit that 'support' button again, myself.

I can't speak for everyone, but, I always drop a load of change on Bernie's auction and have been waiting to donate in that form- although it has been delayed a few times since the last auction.  Hopefully soon...


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True, but I have to stick up for Lew. He´s a great male, whose participation would make any pin-up calendar proud.  
In fact I´ve written a poem in support of Lew.  It´s pretty good. .

Here it is:

Lew Bundles is a great and humble man,
One who doesn´t flaunt his stuff.
Though, true, compared to James,
Lew ain´t got quite enough.

James, 2016

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