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Hello from Estonia


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Thank you for sharing, Kateriina, and a hundred welcomes to you! Your post is very heartfelt and appreciated. So much evil in this world--and it's seemingly inexplicable. This beautiful video needs to be seen the world over. I love and appreciate the music of Arvo Part. This boy has a gorgeous voice and a great talent. Thank you so very much for sharing. The beauty of the  music and the message surely will open many hearts, and I hope, many eyes.

:)  Darlene

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75 years ago, more than 10,000 people were deported from Estonia to Siberia by the Soviet authorities. Thousands of blue balloons representing the teardrops of victims were placed at the Freedom Square in Tallinn today (as art installation) , sending a clear message that those deported on 1941 will never be forgotten. 

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I miss you, my EC-friends. I´ve been so busy at work, and when I have time to come, you all are already or still sleeping (in US, the time difference). Next week I´ll be in Minnesota, so exciting and making me nervous also. What if I´ll fail with my presentation, this is my greatest fear at the moment. But...it feels, like I´m coming to meet you :) (naive idea I know) - so I greet you all in my  thouhgts next tuesday in Minneapolis. By the way, we got a new president - the first female president in our history :) 

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On 1/23/2016 at 3:49 PM, Katariina said:

I´m very glad to be accepted in this community, thanke you. I´ve been reading this page, and it is quite amazing how long time you have been with Eric Carmen´s music - I´ll try to catch up to you. I found EC music about few month ago, and  accidentally from youtube (listened estonian version from the song "All By Myself" - the context is changed, unfortunatelly, but under that video was noticed Eric Carmen :) ). I loved all the songs I could find from there. Then found this site, and here Im. Sorry, my english is not good, but I use language as good I can as a tool to communicate. For that short time I started to spend more time with EC music. Specially I like album Boats Against the Current. When I listen hes songs it´s like reading a good book or listening an interesting story. Every time I listen those songs, it´s a new experience, the new nuances - for example, it s very exciting to wait those smooth bass notes in the song  Marathon Man or She Did It; EC is singing with such emotion, that makes me feel inside in those songs ( the same Marathon Man with that sharp "HAH..."). From one moment I started to Look for live concert-recordings. Interesting to listen hes talk to audience in the middle, how hes voice sound in 1976 :) , in the year, when I was born. I found one blog with links to NY 1976 concert : http://bigozine2.com/roio/?p=2555 (maybe you already have listened this concert). 

I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips, makes me dance even when I drive to my car :) I can´t help it. It´s sooo good feeling coming with this song. Of course I like also ECs appearance :). I think, if I ´d born earlyer and if I would been an American girl, from Cleveland for example :), I´d jumped infront the stage and asked for an autograph in year 1976, and so on. I like his hair- really cool hair, and big brown eyes, handsome boy ( musike, nunnuke )  

So I´m excited to be here, and try to learn more about his music. I know for sure, that I have found my music for life. That makes me happy already :)

By the way, we have such a snow outside, uuh! - have to wake up earlier to find my car :) under the snow.

Well snap - just realized original thread not recent but welcome just the same ?Welcome - so glad you joined! I'm fairly new to this board but have been a big fan of Eric's since The Raspberries. 

I love the I Wanna Hear it From Your Lips video too. Eric really really handsome in that - 

Check out some of the awesome videos on this site as well as YouTube- 

You will find a wealth of information on this page and really nice people too!!



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Thank You Susie, trip went well. My presentation was successful. Delta and KLM treated us well :) but it´s difficult for me in USA, I kind of get lost there (or the feeling, that a single person can get lost for the others, they dont have time to notice each other or something like that), it´s scares me a bit. I met my friends there from university, and that was just great, so happy to meet people in live :) , not through internet. The time difference is very difficult to handle - my mind just dont want to understand that 8 hours dissapeare somewhere. And I experienced again the quite considerable culture difference and the philosophy of life of americans and us, people from north of Europe. I love to be at home (it is nice to visit others, but the best place in the world is at home :), in tiny Estonia :) 

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With all due respect to my Spanish speaking friends, as someone of French heritage, I would love to see trilingual packaging. 

As a French speaker, I would like to see French along with the Spanish and English.  After all, North American history was shaped by the French just as much as the Spanish.

Should I be a silly 21st century PC goose, and tell some corporation that I am "offended" that I can only find French on packaging close to the northern US border?

Vive la langue française en Amérique du Nord!!!!  Long live the French language in North America.....


PS  My German, Welsh, Scottish and Ojibwe ancestry want equal billing, too!  My English ancestors are already well represented.


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