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After the recent deaths of Lemmy (bass player), David Bowie (singer), Glenn Frey (guitar player) I was jokingly thinking that drummers should beware.     "All the Young Dudes" came on the radio and I thought I'd check out Ian Hunter's site to see if he any posts about David Bowie.  (David wrote the song).    He had a post that the drummer for Mott the Hoople, Dale Griffin, just passed away on Sunday. 

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2 hours ago, Raspbernie said:

Sadly, we're all at that age now where our rock heroes are gonna be leaving us more often.



So very true, and very hard to swallow. We all get moments where we contemplate our own mortality. Then an arch-villain strikes, the Commissioner calls me on the Bat-Phone, and it's to the Batpoles!!! Holy Melancholy Interruptus!!!  LOL!

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9 hours ago, pretender said:

I'd gladly offer up Bieber and Kanye. 

Bieber, Kanye, and the Kardashians --- would that be enough of a trade-out to get our LEGENDS back among the living again??  :huh:


P.S. --- Hey, Mary Ellen, I am one of those who doesn't "get" the famous for just being so publicly exposed for everyone.  Stupid phenomenon no matter who is categorized like that --- I don't try to check them out, and I still get bombarded with information in various places on the TV, it is almost impossible not to have heard that surname mentioned by the media and others.  Can never seem to change the channel quick enough --YUK!! :blink:

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Yes, we are getting old, and our heroes are getting old too. But, let's not forget that there were a lot of drugs out there in for the 1960s/70s/80s....although none of the most recent deaths were from overdoses, or directly drug-related(save for Scott Weiland). However, continued use of drugs does weaken the system, and it is more difficult to fight any ailments.

The big band stars of the 1940s only had cigarettes and alcohol. The rockers had those AND every kind of drug imaginable available.

The rockers are indeed dying at a quicker rate, than the big band musicians, whom many lived into their mid-80s.

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I cannot state to what degree, but certainly there were more than alcohol and cigarettes---like cocaine and heroin, and opium dens are as old as the existence of the drug, so I think it is a little naive and shortsighted to say that's all that era had.  However, I do agree that there are probably more varied substances later than earlier in the last century.

Two names come to mind when thinking about the era before "the rockers" as you say --- Ms. Billie Holiday who was addicted to heroin died at the age of 44; and the lovely Potuguese-born Brazilian singer/actress Carmen MIranda (exotic fruit headdresses and latin dancing) who died at the age of 46 struggled with drug addiction.

There are probably more stories than we have heard about that time frame for celebrities because the film studio systems and recording industries were manic about trying to keep bad publicity of any kind from leaking to the public that would infringe on ticket sales and/or bottom line profits.  Heck, sometimes there were enablers back then, too, that thought keeping the artist(s) happy with a steady supply and just trying to manage them was appropriate---all hushed though!!

Because of all the hush-hush goings on, I would have to see the stats on celebrity deaths from other than cigarettes and alcoholism, because the perception seems to be as you say---but I doubt it at this time.

I think that by the time of "the rockers" it was becoming a different landscape for stardom in general, it was getting to be less and less viable to keep drug addiction and abuse struggles of music celebrities under wraps.  Unfortunately, for many a fan, these troubled people became examples of what is acceptable and "cool" or "groovy" to do.

Sad all the way around, in my opinion, so sad. :(


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