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The World Loses David Bowie to Cancer

susie b

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Funny thing James, when I was a young college student, I had a job in Two Guys department store, ( now Vornado Properties, which owns a lot of prime NYC real estate ), where I did electronics sales. We always blasted Suffragette City on the audio systems until the store manager came over and made us turn it down! LOL!!   R.I.P. David/Ziggy.:crying:

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No one could read his FAREWELL message in "Lazarus" clip. Just only guesses. But most of all everybody believed this is just another game he used to play changing the rules, stages, costumes and  themes. Current theme he choose was too dark and full of mystery. But only now its meaning is understood. 

You have no idea how much David is loved in Russia and Ukraine and all post-Soviet countries. His fans are orphaned now. They bring flowers and lit the candles near the British Consulate today in Moscow, St. Petersburg, other cities.






Hope David could see the clip that his Russian and Ukrainian fans made for his 69'th Birthday.


Russia and Soviet Union will love Ziggy Stardust forever. He is not dead. He returned back to Mars.






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9 hours ago, Kirk said:

Sorry to see him go.  I didn't really get into his different looks and characters in the beginning, although I think he influenced many that followed.  Always liked his music, though...

I agree Kirk, his music was influential, but, I never got into the androgynous thing.

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