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Beau Coup 30th Reunion Covers GATW with Special Guest...

susie b

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It sure is nice to hear the audience enthusiastically joining in, then again, their added voices are not quite spot on.  Squeezed my eyes shut a couple of times at the slightly off-pitch parts when the audience drowned out the guys on stage.  Still this was fun to watch.  I have seen this before also, but the only places I bother with are here and youtube, so I'm not certain where I have seen this before.

Thanks for posting, it is always good to see Mr. Bryson playing the double-necked electric guitar! ^_^


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  • 6 years later...

Lots of familiar Cleveland faces in addition to Wally & Paul Sidoti

Dennis Lewin    keyboards

Frank Amato     vocals

Thomas Amato (not to be confused with Cleveland drummer, Tommy Amato)  vocals

Bill March          bass

Paul Wolf Christensen    keyboards/sax/ tamborine   (He was on the reunion tour.)

Debi Lewin        background vocals.

Jennifer Lee      background vocals  (You know her from the reunuion tour.)

Don Kreuger      drums  (He played on first EC solo album)

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EC had a suggestion to help out this group…

Beau Coup began in the early 1980s when Thomas Amato was recording demos at Agency Recording Studio with brother Frank Amato's former Task Master bandmates drummer Eric Singer and Mike McGill on guitar, while Frank was touring with Savoy Brown. Keyboardist and song writer Dennis Lewin and bassist Bill March of Jonah Koslen and the Heroes (also former band mates of Frank's) were asked to join the project by future band managers Henry LoConti, Jr. and Joe Millitello. It was good friend Eric Carmen that suggested to Henry that Frank, be addded to the mix. They found the brother's voices to be great together. Eric Singer decided to move on to Los Angeles, so John Franks, Jimmy Clark and Donald Krueger lent their drumming skills, all 3 appearing on the album, Born & Raised (on Rock & Roll.)


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Henry is the younger brother of my pal Pam, and their dad was Henry "Hank" LoConti Sr. who owned the Agora.

Hank was a great supporter of both EC and Dennis as well as other bands. 

EC did play for Pam's wedding, and EC also helped Dennis hone songwriting skills.

EC told Dennis that they are related through their mothers' sides of the families.

Dennis is an approved Steinway instructor and produces his weekly classical music program.  The one gig that makes Dennis nervous is when he plays for the members of the Cleveland Orchestra at their annual party.

Frankie & Thomas do sing beautifully together.  In the 50's their dad Frank was known as the Singing Fireman and once opened for none other than Elvis Presley!


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Dennis' father, Ellis, left us a few years ago, but not before he left a legacy through his school presentations on what it was like to be a child in Nazi concentration camps.

Ellis survived along with his father, noted Polish concert pianist Josef Lewin.

Ellis lost his sister and mother to the gas chamber.

Ellis was also featured in a number of noted Holocaust documentaries.

Ellis was a staunch & devoted supporter of my equine rescue.  He constantly thanked me for pulling the horses from the hell of the killpen.  He very much identified with these innocent creatures tossed into Hell through no fault of their own.


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