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Eric vs. Fred lawsuit


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Yes, it looks like. a reasonable move by Eric. And that the issues are permission, accountability, good faith,  and what is the proper management of the funds. Is it managed by one or two people?  If one person managed it, did the other person know or approve everthing? They will decide on court.

It looks like Eric had good faith, in the beginning. But, found out later what was going on, and wants to change that.To manage the fund as Eric would like it to be used. Not solely by one person, since Eric's royalties is part of the reason for the trustee fund. With extra uses to be used with Eric's input and approval in matters for personal use and care of a parent, for example.

It's best to have a hands on approach to funds.- And what or who  the money is assigned to. Who gets the money later, when there is a Will document. By not doing so is not being a good steward of one's own money/monies. You have to know what it is used for, so that it is used wisely and with permission.

For what purposes. (A clause to get permission to use funds in certain ways).

I guess the money for the Range Rover was to save from taxes. Meaning, the trust fund owned the vehicle. 


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So many scathing comments about Mr. Carmen (Eric) --- hard thing to find out your relations may not be doing things in your best interests.  Some comments about Eric Carmen not taking care of the mother, but not one word about Fred Carmen for not doing the same --- some financial prejudice there, and a lot of gaps in the information being bandied about.

And just because one sibling makes more money than others in the family, that is still not reason enough to assume they would have the lion share of the responsibility when it comes to actual care needed for the aging parent(s).

It is up to Eric Carmen himself to approve what happens with his funds.  Having a goodly amount of monetary finances seems to make a lot of people view you differently with societal financial prejudices and unspoken expectations.

Such a sad set of circumstances.



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We've seen this happen to late actor Gary Coleman. His management spent everything he had;  He had to go back to work ,again.

Singer Billy Joel, only given little money for a highly successful early album in his career. I think it was around $20, 000. Even while his songs were played, constantly on the radio.

Radio weekly top 40 radio host Casey Casem. His last wife wouldn't let his own children see him, or to have a say so in his dying last days for healthcare needs. He ended up with bedsores.  She sent his body to Sweden or something. Only she knows where he is buried.

These are examples for why. Eric needs to gain control over this fund issue. Otherwise, who gets the money later, could be decided by his brother. Perhaps taking more than his appropiate share. And giving less to others. Eric's loved ones deserve the correct future of inheritance, later.  And the continuation of a fund to pay over time to them, also.  ( If he wants to give them more over a longer time, rather than all of it at once). And to continue using the fund for chaitable causes, if he chooses.

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I hope they can resolve it, too. 

Billy Joel had to sue his former brother-in-law. If I remember,  it was over 16 million dollars that Billy didn't get, earlier.

Surprising to me were other families with T.V. ministries in the news, in the the past:

The Robert Schuller Hour Of Power Ministries-

The elders of the church didn't like Robert Jr.'s teaching style, different from his father's who had stepped down from the pulpit, because of health issues. And they were losing T.V. viewers. So, Robert Jr. left to a bigger T.V. ministry that is more popular. His sister taught for a few years. The church was sold and became a catholic church. Robert Jr. was there to hand over the future to them. 

The Crouch family, of the TBN Minitries had a big argument over money, after their father's death who started the T.V. ministry.

Jim Neighnors, famous for Gomer Pile acting character- Eight or nine family relatives argued over money and the house he owned.


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On 11/25/2015, 4:12:12, Cynthiaalma said:

So sad to hear Brother against Brother! Money is certainly the root of all evil!! I pray that Eric and his family can work this out!!


Sorry, just had to say--- this is misquoted so much no one does more than repeat the misquote. 

It is supposed to read:  The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.

Money is Amoral, or without moral one way or another, it is what is done with it that makes the end result bad or good.  In this case, it could be the deceptive mis-application of what alternatively was originally expected to be done with the monies. 

However, Cynthiaalma, I too, hope that this certainly is sorted out as quickly as possible.


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