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What The Puck?


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I had to confirm with my son, but "All By Myself" is also played at my hometown's college hockey games (couldn't remember if it was there or MN Wild games) - we always got a good chuckle out of it. I believe they also played bits of "Don't Fear the Reaper" at other moments!

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I've heard the same song chourus on late night radio, for a dance.

Eric's song, ' HungryvEyes'. A promo for an auction. He was on T.V., from a video done years before.

'Go All Way, the ' entire song at Agua Caliente Casino, near Palm Springs. Cranked up very loudly. It was a weekend crowd and a lot of noise from slot machines, and the card tables. They have great speakers, so everyone heard it, easily. Ringo played a concert ,there. At their17 million dollar theater.

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Raspberries mentioned on Plaschke and Zelasko sports  radio. show, a couple of weeks ago.  The ' ever wondrous, knowledgeable -[ and more platitudes]Jeanne said,  someone was watching a Raspberries Video on the in studio screen. A producer, or someone.  I think she meant the music band, because she didn't say Raspberries commercial. And with The Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack, someone might have wondered about who played on the song. which went Platinum and sold one million copies, but probably played. 20 times more, around the world. Both privately,  and on the radio. Or, someone was listening to another song.

 Both are outstanding hosts and they are also on podcast and you can playback interviews regarding concussions as part of the discussion as well as  the new Will Smith football movie about the character's concussions which debuts on Christmas Day. I think Jeanne is originally from New Jersey.

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