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The Reflections Of Eric Carmen In Japanese Artists


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The Reflections of Eric Carmen in Japanese artists #1

Conditions to become Standard is “beauty of melody”, ...
that can be UNIVERSAL.
I feel ”UNIVERSAL” on Eric Carmen’s music
as same as Paul McCartney or Stevie Wonder.

by Shinji Harada (The Nikkei 2015.08.26)


  (日本経済新聞2015.08.26 夕刊 ロックタイムズより)

How cool Legacy Japan promotion ?




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The Reflections of Eric Carmen in Japanese artists  #2

     Hiroyuki Izuta(Singer, Songwriter



“40th Anniversary CD Collection is just what we wanted!
Thank you very much Mr.Carmen and all the members of the project from Sony, Legacy Recordings.
I’m so excited when I got to know about the bonus tracks! Especially Live at Budokan and Nakano Sunplaza!!!!
I have been wanted to hear the rare records.

I have been a big fan of Eric’s since the first time I heard the Raspberries records when I was high school. 
Eric Carmen is one of the best Rock 'n' roll artists.
He could sing perfect ‘delicate ballad’ as well as ‘incredible shout’, anything and everything!!!
I’m much inspired by him and still respect him.
I’m expecting Japan Live and new album!!!"

by Hiroyuki Izuta

         Aug. 26/ 2015 Legacy Recordings JP delivery of the news releases


  2015.8.26 レガシーレコード ニュースリリースより)



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The Reflections of Eric Carmen in Japanese artists #3
Shogo Hamada (Singer, Songwriter)

“Eric Carmen is one of my favorite artists since The Raspberries. They are still stunning.
I think The Raspberries would be one the best band which came out after The Beatles. Perfect sound, brilliant songs….those masterpieces were written by Eric Carmen!!!
His talent as a song writer is worthy of high praise, he could write brilliant songs one after another which have both Pops and Rock essence. Especially his beautiful melody line is amazing! I believe his music should have much evaluated!”

   by Shogo Hamada

‘ROCK SHOW’ 1980 Spring (Japanese Music Magazine)
All Phots by Hideo Kojima / Rock Show

Eric and Shogo met at Nakano Sun-plaza(Tokyo, Japan) after his Japan Live on Feb.7 /1980 . They talked about Japan Live, song-writing or something. He mentioned about The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Small Faces, The Cars…. on this talk session.

It is said that the song titled “Rojiura no Shonen” written by Shogo Hamada was inspired with the Riff that Eric Carmen wrote.

Will you guess which song that Shogo Hamada was inspired?

    浜田省吾(‘ROCK SHOW’ 1980年春号より)




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The Reflections of Eric Carmen in Japanese artists  #4

     Tatuhiko Yamamoto 山本達彦(Singer, Songwriter



The style of Eric Carmen’s melody-writings is so melodious

and most of them were tinged with mellow and melancholy.

I can always feel taste of autumn with ‘Never Gonna Fallin Love Again’ .

I reminds of Eric Carmen, he appeared on my radio show as a guest artist almost 35 years ago(1979)

I sang NGFLA while remembering him after a long absence.

I felt closeness to Eric and I again, we are singer song-writer and piano man.

And I am filled with deep emotion. How Eric inspired me as a melody maker!!!” 

久しぶりに唄うエリック・カルメンの“Never gonna fallin love again”も





Tatsuhiko Yamamoto Official Blog  Oct 23, 2008 より
I couldn’t find his NGFLA….

1979 山本達彦 ガッツ 1980年1月発売.jpg

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