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"Tonight" and Hushpuppies (Not the Shoes)


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I imagine I am not the only EC fan who can't help but be inspired to--here and there, willy-nilly--blurt out lyrics from Eric's songs in semi-appropriate situations, as I go through my day. After thinking about it all week, I have decided to confess the following. . .

Last weekend, visited my family in Eastern NC. Couldn't wait to go to the local barbecue joint with them. Chow down on some Eastern North Carolina-style pork barbecue. You know, with the vinegar-based sauce. (Did I mention I'm vegetarian except for bacon and barbecue?). Also the absolutely heavenly hushpuppies. . .soft and sweet cornbread, hand-caressed and hand-dipped in batter. Then deep-fried to a sparkling, crispy golden brown.

After I took the first bite of the first hushpuppy, I held it up in front of me at eye-level. Was gazing at it lovingly and longingly. Then suddenly found myself murmuring, "Let me feel the love that's in you."

To which my sister said, "What the hell did you say? Are you talking to the hushpuppy?"

Oh, yeah, baby.

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Theresa, yes, you being from SE NC. . . you know what I'm talking about. And, ain't nothing like a pig pickin' on a warm summer evening.

Bernie and Theresa, thank you both for getting it. I still can't believe I'm the only one who passionately--if not rather dramatically--quotes Eric Carmen songs out loud in front of other people. And is perfectly willing to make a funny fool of herself.

I invite others to fess up. I wanna hear it from your lips.


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As one southern woman to another, I feel what you say.  I am mostly a vegetarian but will also eat bacon if it happens to be on some food or another.   Actually had a recent dream - was at a party and chowed down on roasted pig-  HAHA!!   All I can say is thank you little piggies cuz I had to "go all the way" with a cheese sandwich recently and add bacon.  


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Girl, you talkin'  'bout the inside story. All about our secret porcine paramour.

There's another Southern delicacy, other than us Southern women ourselves. And proud to say it's straight outta North Carolina. . .

I cherish slow Sunday mornings in the coolness of autumn. Moseying through the Sunday newspaper. Sipping on cinnamon coffee. And nibbling on a luscious, limited edition Pumpkin Spice donut from Krispy Kreme.

Ahhhh. . . . . .never knew how complete love could be.

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