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Mary Ellen

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Happy belated birthday wishes Susie B. I was away for a few days and had no internet access. Sorry I missed it. I hope it was Bat-rageous!!! LOL!

Thank you Caped Crusader!

I'm certain that you and Robin had your hands full in Gotham City over the holiday weekend, if not fighting crime than at least washing and waxing the Batmobile as well as airing out the Bat Cave.

Love you guys...


PS  Nice job fellas...or did Alfred do the wax on wax off bit?



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OMGoodness!!!! Susie!! I'm sorry I'm so late :( and I certainly agree, birthdays should last longer than one day....SO, I'm officially going to celebrate your birthday again today! Glad your day was beautiful...just like you!!  Happy Birthday !!! :psych:

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