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Windows 10

Billy K.

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Personally, I found that Windows 10 is problematic for me for attaching Notepad files to my email. Why? OneNote comes with it, so even if people do not like long, cut and paste messages at least I manage to send fiction to my favorite haunts, and letters. Why must Windows make what was so easy so hard? No, I don't have learning disabilities, thank you. I still like my Aspire laptop, though.

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Luckily, My last two boys' father or a friend of his can help me find a way around some of these problems like OneNote and the dreaded "cloud" I never heard of our have use for. My blooming Acer tablet with Windows 10 came with no CD  ROM, so no burning or playing them.

My youngest had to buy me some gadget to fix that problem. It's great to have modern relatives who know how to do things themselves as our parents' generation did, as in "I'll fix your roof if you sew me some trousers for the boys." Bring back the barter/trade system, I say.

Best of luck, and I agree about the way it stores things. :o

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