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Raspberries Refreshed?


Raspberries Refreshed - Thoughts?  

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Each guy had 2 songs...I like it a lot- can't really compare it to Raspberries, though, where the driving force and strongest writer was Eric, but, these songs are well crafted and shows that each member of Raspberries is a talented songwriter in their own right. 

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My compliments to Costly Trick --- I didn't know this was out there.  And since you were asking opinions, I checked this out on Allmusic dot com's website, and from the tidbit samplings of the songs this is what conclusions I came to . . .

"Would You Say Yes Again" --- missing something, not enough instruments backing up the vocals, and the sound quality is not as clear as it could be, it's a bit fuzzy.

"When Is Your Dream?"  :) --- Where was THIS Wally Bryson back in the day with the original line up?!  I think this is absolutely PERFECT and well executed.  Reminiscent of the late 60s and early 70s vocals and mix of musical instruments in the arrangement --- melts beautifully on your ears!  THIS IS MY NUMBER ONE FAVORITE ON THIS ALBUM !!

"Pop Teasers" --- the song itself is just okay, but the balance of volume between vocals and instruments could have been done better.

"Someone Like You" --- Very well done, this is my 2nd favorite of this album, this definitely brings me back to the style of singing in the 70s and I really like it a lot.

"Love In My Eyes" --- smoother guitars rather than abrupt and jarring playing would have made it sound better, in my opinion, and would have loved to hear how it would sound with that adjustment.

"Rock 'N' Roll Kids" --- VERY WELL DONE !!!  This Wally Bryson would have had some hits credited to him back when the Raspberries first got started had he done this back then as well as the other tune here, "When Is Your Dream?", I firmly believe these would have charted for him.  This is my 3rd favorite song on this album. What took you so long to write songs like these, Mr. Byson?  They're wonderful !!

Sound clarity on the album as a whole is a consistent issue, I think, but this was done back in 2000, so it might benefit greatly from a remaster session with today's technology.

Nice topic, very enjoyable.  Thanks for sharing.



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