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Happy Birthday, Eric!

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Happy Birthday Eric.  Thanks for making music that has been a big positive with respect to its influence on the quality of our lives.

It was a treat interacting with you here in the past, ..it´s been a treat reading your stories and musings of your time in the industry. So cool was that.

Thanks again, happiness to you always,





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Finally got my password reset. Forgot last one.

How appropiate to put Paul singing on first page.

Alright,  great news for music fans. I don't know who had the idea, or who is involved.

Let me hear a drum roll. 

This news is probably unbelieveable!!

I heard it a few weeks back on the radio.

You can tell your musican  friends from the 70's or before, Eric.

The. music magazine Tiger Beat, will be starting up in the future. There are supposedly 17 investors. And some or all are famous. Maybe KISS. Band is involved.

Don't forget to tell Bernie.

I'm sure they would be extra smart to feature bands and artists again of that era in the new magazine.Since you performed at that time, 

A retro band section would be appropiate. With a link to a song or website.

Imagine hearing people talk again about current and past bands on their website.

 Plus, a commercial featuring Ringo playing drums in one scene wearing a new line of loafer shoes.. Waliking in the next with another style. I think there are three or four styles.


Actres Salma Hayak, featured in a Got Milk photo does the animated voice in the movie, The Prophet.

Which is. series of poems that are put into talking form.  Maybe the most different movies out this summer.




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I always enjoy reading the thoughtful and creative messages of affection and appreciation from E.'s fans and friends.  Whether an older or newer member of this website, Eric must surely feel great to have such a loyal following.  

My little additional birthday wish is perhaps as the ultimate EC girl fan (Amy Murphy) will join us sometime in the future. ??

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