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Mary Ellen

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Thanks,everyone. I just took it easy today,played with the dogs a lot and listened to music I'm actually celebrating on Saturday-Gina's taking me to Bloomington to go out to eat and then see Morrissey at the Bloomington Center For The Performing Arts.


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Hi pretender - thought I should stop for a minute and wish you a happy belated birthday! I must've been snowed under to not realize it! It's a good thing you are young yet and got to enjoy some sunshine! Well, I could say happy birthday again and again, but seriously, this is the last time - happy birthday fellow Keane fan and have fun with Gina enjoying your night out!


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Thanks. Morrissey show was great.We got a call from the venue Saturday afternoon and we were afraid they were going to tell us the show was cancelled or something.But when I called them back,they said Morrissey checked out the venue and didn't want anyone in our seats(they were in a box at the side of the balcony) because of poor sight lines.So they moved us to 4th row center-really awesome seats.Gina was really thrilled-he's her favorite outside of Robert Smith.I think she tried talking to every security guard and usher on the floor to try to get through for an autograph,but to no avail.

He performed a lot of songs from his last album,World Peace Is None Of Your Business and a good selection from his solo career.He only did a couple of Smiths songs,What She Said and Meat Is Murder(I really shouldn't have had the chopped sirloin before seeing him perform Meat Is Murder and showing the videos he did with it).He did one encore-Gina's favorite,Everyday Is Like Sunday.I didn't get to hear my favorite Smiths song(How Soon Is Now?),but otherwise a wonderful evening.

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