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Happy Birthday AnneNR!!

Mary Ellen

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THANKS SO MUCH, TO ALL OF YOU !!!!   :wub:  

It has been a busy last two months, but for my birthday, I got to go out of town for the weekend of the 19th (that was Friday, then the 20th and 21st hubby and I stayed at a hotel).  Got to go to two days of the Norcal Pirate Festival this year instead of just one up in Vallejo, just a little north of San Francisco.  Hubby looking good as always this year in his pirate regalia, and it was a lot of fun seeing everyone else in costume, then to go around to the different vendors booths --- AND . . . I have been addicted to "Fruit Ice" (since the Casa de Fruita Renaissance Fair down in Gilroy, CA)  and the Pirate Festival were selling them too!!!   They put a very creamy textured frozen blob (size of a baseball) of real fruit mixture in the hollowed out halves of an orange, or a mango, or other fruit.  It is sooo  refreshing and tasty!  I had two orange ones, and a strawberry one that weekend! YUMM!!  The orange ones kinda remind me of eating a cream-cycle when I was a kid.

Cannon firing, stage combats with swordplay, seafaring pirate singing groups, and fun things for children to do while there. Then there were visits to the local thrift shops, where I picked up some more "greatest hits" CDs for certain artists I have been collecting ever since I started talking with those here on EC.com back in April last year.  You should have seen the people outside of the event looking us over in our costumes and asking us questions about the Pirate Festival !!!  These were the locals who had never gone ever during the nine years the Festival has been in their town!  My Matt got soooo many compliments on his two different outfits for both days --- he's MY arm candy, he looks sooo good!!!

Instead of cake, hubby got me some chocolate-filled croissants for breakfast for the weekend we were gone.   SUCH HEAVEN FOR A CHOCOHOLIC LIKE ME !!!   :D

Thanks for all your well-wishes, everyone, it has been a wonderful birthday for me, and wonderful to have you guys to interact with here on the website.  God bless us, everyone.

AnneNR  :lol:


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SIDEBAR --- Hey, Mr. Billy, you're a surprise, a veteran member from all the way back in 2002, just come to my attention.  Thank you for acknowledging my birthday, but I didn't get an opportunity to do the same for you, so, better late than not at all ---- for your birthday on March 4th this year, some recognition for you, too !!

And Here's one with Paul McCartney live when Linda was in the band ---


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Thank you so much for caring and being a true friend. So happy to hear you had a great birthday and that you guys got to hang with your fellow pirates. I am no longer locked out of EC.com! Try to get rid of me, HA.

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