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Mary Ellen

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Recently I read 2 interesting books: 

Girl In A Band by Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth)

Kicking and Dreaming by Ann and Nancy Wilson (Heart)

I'd recommend both books if you're into that kind of thing, but if you're here, you may be...?

These 3 women broke into R&R at a time when few women were in the ranks of the famous rocker.  The stories give insight into their personal roots, quirks, strengths, fears, disappointments and loves.  No matter what you may think of their musical styles, these women were ground breakers and interesting, creative women.  

Next, I'm on to read about Stevie Nicks and I can't wait to know more about my fave lady rocker.

 Those books sound interesting! Anybody else read something to recommend or have thoughts to share on this topic?​I like Lita Ford, she rocks it out in Kiss me Deadly!! All the other selections are great too! I also liked seeing Patti Smyth do " Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones.


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I became a fan of Joan Osborne a few years ago after seeing her perform in the film, " Standing in the Shadows of Motown". She performed covers of several Motown hits (Heat Wave and What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted were two that stood out)  and she blew me away with the power of her voice. She was backed by the original Motown studio musicians, which were unofficially know back then as the Funk Brothers. I don't know how to post videos here, but perhaps someone can put up one or two of her performances for other members to hear. Honestly, I had never heard of Joan before seeing that movie! She really kicked-ass !!!

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Wait, a thread I didn't see on female rockers, and there's no recommendation for Stevie Nicks? I'm having to forgive her for whatever role she had in kicking Lindsey Buckingham out of Fleetwood Mac (which I still find to be unbelievable). But... she nonetheless is Stevie Nicks, and has that arresting voice (for me). I don't know if any video clip from her long career captures the allure of Ms. Nicks better than this one... "Angel."


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I love Different Drum, Bessie. A great old song written by Mike Nesmith and really elevated by that Ronstadt vocal—what a sweet tone. 

James, good call on Cranberries. (I wonder if Cranberries fans ever debate whether the band should have picked a different name...)  

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