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Other Power Pop Bands


Favorite Power Pop Band  

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  1. 1. What's your favorite power pop band other than the Berries?

    • Big Star
    • Cheap Trick
    • The Who
    • Todd Rundgren/Utopia
    • Pezband
    • The Records
    • Fotomaker
    • Badfinger
    • The dB's
    • The Romantics

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Raspberries would be first on my list of course.   

Other bands I have listened to are:

Badfinger, Artful Dodger, Katrina and The Waves, The Cars, Cheap Trick, Bangles, and I'm sure some others...and last, but not least, NOLA's fave rock/power pop band of the 80s, The Cold.



The Cold - Three Cord City

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To me "The Who" is more a power band than a power pop band. On the flip side "The Bangles" are more melodic pop ...I don´t hear power in their songs.  Though I only know what was played on the radio.

I´d probably pick "The Cars" even though most might classify them as more punk than power, iMHO they epitomized the term "power pop"....nice punch to their music,..songs imbued with good melodies.  Great band they were.  I´d throw in "The Guess Who " also as one band that seems to be left out of discussions of this genre.



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When you are a Raspberries fan of my intensity, there are NO OTHER power pop bands!!!

Also, I never actually thought of The Who as a power pop band ( which is why I didn't vote for them ). Their roots pre-date what we would normally consider the power-pop era. I'm sure others will disagree, but that's OK! To me, The Who will always be a quintessential 1960's Rock band.

( By the way, I voted for The Romantics!!! )

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