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Bear with me while I sort through the BIG changes. I need to unlock stuff, update stuff and generally poke around and kick the tires a bit this weekend before everything is up and running.

Until then, feel free to do the same.

Oh, you now need to log in using your SCREEN NAME (or email address) and password.


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Geez, Bernie !!

I remember all the "details" and "minutia" that were evident in the appearance overall, of the previous format we were familiar with.  It is truly a gargantuan task you have ahead of you, and I don't envy you the doing of it.   However, I must also say I appreciate your doing so for our benefit and that of Mr. Carmen.  You are an exceptional website wizard.

Should we start calling you Mr. Wizard??   Seems an apt appellation for you at the moment.  :)


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With the previous message board conversion, speed became an issue and you had to change to a different server, IIRC.  Now, once again, the new board is slower than the previous edition.  Have you got a supercharger you can throw on this model, Bernie?

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