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10 Classic Rock Bands That Deserve Another Look

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Thanks Bernie, interesting article, cool Raspberries blurb.


I saw on fb where Eric stated his friend is learning something having to do with recording... I think.  He could sure write a song, and showed he can still write a song with "Brand New Year".


Maybe Eric is heading to the bat poles ???... 




TO (hopefully) BE CONTINUED

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Yeah Ira, I haven´t seen Burton but I follow him on fb...he posts a lot.  Seems he´s very active still touring via small venues etc.  He´s still getting a lot out of himself at 65ish or so.  And his last album (double) from a few years ago was remarkable.  Possibly his best solo album to date.


Cool treat that you got to see him. We´d love to hear more about that.


BTW, "I will play a Rhapsody" sometimes qualifies for me as the greatest song of all time.  So beautiful.



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