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More New Brian Stuff!...:)


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Another worthy tune from Brian.  Maybe not as good as his best, but better than the latest offerings from Springsteen or Mac.  I realize this is not a contest, but, I think Eric's Brand New Year is better than all of them!

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Glad you enjoyed...I'm not surprised that Y'all thinks Eric's best beats Brian's best...It is afterall EC.com...and I kinda figure Y'all like Eric... ^_^


I'm a traitor..Brian is my #1 musical love.


May I still attend the Ec.com All-You-Can-Eat Buffet on July 4th.... :rolleyes: ?

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I just returned home from viewing this film.  WOW!! is an understated expression to describe my thoughts and feelings, as I teared up on a few occasions.  Since BW touted the movie on his FB page, I know he was pleased with the final project and overall the characters are portrayed with depth and nuance.  Dano and Cusack work so well as the younger and early 90s version of Brian, respectively.  The unfolding of Brian's illness and his artistic musical genius are intensely played out and many scenes made me feel both sad and delighted.  You cannot be ambivalent about some of the people in Brian's life.

Melinda L. Wilson is a modern day hero and Brian is a force of nature.

This movie is a must see for any true music geek and BW fan. ????❤️

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