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Spock REALLY Gone? Illogical


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.... but very sadly true. 


One of the best beloved Science Fiction characters ever invented by Gene Roddenberry  BUT brought to life by Mr. Leonard Nimoy who passed away last week. 


I thought sure there were some Star Trek fans like me, so I thought someone else might have posted this.  But no, they may still be tweeting or twatting on twitter, or facing it on facebook with others --- so I will make this brief mention.


He was definitely a part of my growing up years.  Our family calmed down the daily dysfunctional chaos in front of the one-eyed babysitter (for a family of seven) at least a few times during the week, and especially for Star Trek from the first airing and on through the Saturday morning animated series done as well.  Spock was an interestingly done in-depth character, and I personally identified with him more than the other actors or actresses in the series.  Logical Spock seemed more logical to me in a home life without much peace in it.


So here are two very touching items presented in the media, and if you go to the website I reference, Mr. Nimoy's family were kind enough to give us a small glance into his life with some personal pictures of him with other individuals in the family.


AnneNR  :crying:



The Big Bang Theory Paid Tribute To Leonard Nimoy After Tonight's Episode And It Was Beautiful


by Lauren Piester Thu., Mar. 5, 2015 8:24 PM PST   


Leonard Nimoy, also known as Star Trek's incomparable Mr. Spock, always did have a presence on The Big Bang Theory, even when he only ever appeared on the show as a voice in Sheldon's head.


It could be argued that Sheldon Cooper wouldn't be Sheldon Cooper without Spock's influence, given the fact that Sheldon related to him more than anyone else. Sheldon dressed up as Spock, he wrote plays about Spock, and once, Nimoy appeared in Sheldon's dream as the voice of a Spock action figure that Sheldon had accidentally broken.


Tonight, the series paid tribute to Nimoy with creator Chuck Lorre's vanity card, usually famously reserved for rambling bits of advice or jokes. The image following the end of tonight's episode featured a picture of Nimoy and the words,


"The impact you had on our show and on our lives is everlasting."


After news of Nimoy's death spread on Friday, some of the Big Bang Theory cast also tweeted their respects.  




As the world continues to mourn the death of Leonard Nimoy, his grandchildren Morgan Pearson, 36, Alex Schwartz, 30, Dani Schwartz, 25, Maddy Nimoy, 24, Spencer Schwartz, 23, and Jonah Nimoy, 22, remember the man they called "Poppi" in a tribute written exclusively for PEOPLE:

He was a renaissance man. He knew how to do everything from flying a plane to fixing a vacuum to setting up aquariums. Our favorite memory is when he would drive us around on his boat on Lake Tahoe every summer. 

He would let us each drive the boat, with him right next to us if something went wrong. He would take us river rafting where the ride was so bumpy everyone kept falling out of the boat, but Poppi kept us all safe and kept us cracking up the entire time. 


He wasn't a huge talker, but he always knew what to say and told us countless stories. He spoke the most about life as an actor before Spock than life in Hollywood. He told us how he didn't have a job that lasted longer than a week before Star Trek. He had an unbelievable memory. 


Within his home, there wasn't memorabilia everywhere except for in his office. That is where his work memories live. But one of our last conversations with him was him telling us all about directing 3 Men and a Baby. He told us stories we had never heard before about the making of that movie. He was cracking all five of us up. 


It makes us feel proud that he was so beloved by his peers. There has been an overwhelming response in the past few days and we all couldn't be more thankful and honored. 


We will always be able to hear his voice in Star Trek episodes, interviews and on his albums. When we're missing our Poppi, we can go watch him online somewhere. That way he never really leaves us.

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It was a part of the benediction rite he observed in Synagogue as a young boy. Very cool.  Also. he was one of only two actors to appear in Star Trek since the first pilot episode starring Jeffrey Hunter as Capt. Pike, which was rejected by the suits at NBC. The other was actress Majel Barrett, Gene Roddenberry's real-life wife, who played "Number One" in the pilot, and Nurse Christine Chapel in the series. She was also the computer voice in most of the spin-off shows and movies, and Counselor Deanna Troi's mother Lwaxana in The Next Generation. But Nimoy was the only one to continue on as the same character from original pilot to present time.

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I worried about my daughter when I read about his passing. Leonard Nimoy and Spock are like family to her — she's dressed as "Girl Spock" in cosplay. Even her car is nicknamed "Spock." I knew it would be a crushing loss to her, and it was.

I adore this commercial from a year or so ago with Nimoy and Zachary Quinto. I like to think they had as much fun making it as I have watching it. It's a true joy.


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