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New Brian Wilson Stuff


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This man can create "Hooks" like I create shopping lists when I'm thinkin' of goin' to Trader Joes..


Do you know HOW few artists in their 60's and 70's still have commercial and critical impact. when they issue new stuff....


Off the top of my head...Springsteen...Petty..Neil Diamond...Neil Young..and my patron saint Brian..


From album out April 7th..." Pier Pressure"..


With all he's been thru..




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Now didn't THAT make me "smile" and feel so warm and fuzzy inside!.... :)....Not to also mention they sounded


profoundly "GREAT". Now that's what I call nothing BUT pure "awesomeness"!.....And to boot I think my Amazon


parrot enjoyed it immensely too because she whistled to the tune!........."GREAT stuff".......




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I honestly believe that some people in this world be it song writers, story tellers or perhaps even some 


geniuses along with great creators on this earth have some of the best writings and creativity going on


because they may have struggled or suffered deeply from perhaps as you would call it, "all the shit" they've been


through, there for they are the first one's who can (really) relate, dig deep and understand and even feel what's going on 


or perhaps in Brian's case, although some may not classify this as a given (type) of gift but.......perhaps deep within himself


he knows what's creatively beautiful and has the feel for any song be it happy or sad he wants to write because


he deeply and emotionally and personally has experienced these feelings through out his life and he's a very deep caring,


understanding person to boot?.......Either way these are just my thoughts and really, who REALLY knows! I just think it's


a beautiful thing he's out there!............ :)





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No recycling here, very original and catchy song.  Eloquently simplistic in it's message and crafted with just the right words and musical intonations and emphasis.   Same ol' Brian Wilson back at what he does best --- and I for one am glad to hear it!!!   He can write such great stuff!!!




6  6


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