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So What's Wrong With White Castle For Valentine's Day?

susie b

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As the high holy day of love approaches, men are getting bombarded with advertising...
Buy your sweetheart flowers, chocolate covered strawberries, diamonds, pearls....don't be a cheapskate...don't let the other guys make you look bad....
Frankly, it turns my stomach.
As far as I'm concerned, celebrating the romantic holiday should be about spending time with your significant other
and not about how much money he spent to impress your girlfriends.
Some of my best Valentine dates have had very little, if any, out of pocket costs.
Don't take me to an overpriced crowded restaurant...I would much rather have quiet, personal & romantic time with my fella.
Give me a candlelit coffee table with a sack of sliders.
I'm happy just to be with him.

Oh, and by the way...
White Castle coffee is pretty great!
Great for the morning after Valentine's...I always try to keep a bag of WC caffeine beans in house!

Not quite sure what's happening this year as Valentine's Day is a working evening for my fella...but we'll figure it out... :heartpump:
That being said, I received this treatise on Valentine's Day in my email...
14 Things Guys Actually Want To Do On Valentine's




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For the past 10yrs my b/f buys me beautiful red roses for V'day. Today I told him, hey it's ok to skip the roses on V'day, getting too expensive. Cost is about $80 for a dozen delivered. He told me ...too late I've already put in my order! Since my birthday is on the 5th of Feb. this is just another added expense.

So I've given him permission to stop with the extravagance...next year a nice card will do!

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Once my BF brought something heavy in bag on Valentine’s for me. When I asked him what can it be he replied that this is my Valentine's card. But it was 3 kg weight. I wondered and when I came back home and started to unpack it removing  several  layers or cover  I found there 3 liters tin with black olives wrapped with big Valentine’s card around. 


Another time he brought a little box saying that there is an additional head for the satellite dish (it was really original satellite dish head box) and I need to find instructions in the Internet for installation and must install it by myself on my roof))))) I started to rebel but haha olives was there again. I love olives, black and green both.

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My rebelling against "traditional" holidays had me telling my Matt from the beginning that I didn't want flowers and candy, or jewelry (I HATE diamonds, so he got off easy with me) on the holidays, I wanted him to treat me to these things all year round for no particular reason other than he loves me. 


As a result, all year round my Matt finds me the "little" things, stuff that most guys don't remember, and surprises me with them.  It doesn't happen every day, but I didn't say I wanted it every day of the year.  I just didn't want him to do something for me because of the commercials and social habits dictating to buy, buy, buy --- this makes the holidays empty for me.  So he does it all year round, and if nothing happens on Valentine's Day, I'm okay with it, because after all --- he comes home to me, he still loves me, and wants to spend time with ME. 


I know he appreciates that there is no pressure at all on him to give gifts on all the holidays, and I try to show him all year round that I love and care about him, too, you know -- his version of "little" things. . . . and then there is always numbers 1, 4, and 8 on Susie B's found list of  14 Things Guys Actually Want To Do On Valentine's Day.   Matt will always be a guy, and he also loves steak!!!


AnneNR  :D

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Usually, we go to a favorite place on South Beach. but this year we went to Ft Lauderdale beach.  South Beach is so full of tourist this week we opted to go north.

We always  celebrate early or late of February 14 because it is our oldest son's birthday :heartpump: .


Tomorrow  February 14, we will have grilled steaks, shrimp, scallops ,corn, greens and some kind of potato,lemon pasta,amuse bouche, cicchetti,full bar and many appetizers, plus

Birthday cake with about 20 of Adam's friends out on the pool deck.


Nothing makes me happier than to have our home full of family and friends  


 Happy Valentine's Day :wub: 


PS: I did receive a lovely very large, deep russian  amethyst  pendant from my husband.

He is a very adept jewelry giver

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  I got it from a good source (my imagination).....that in Bessie´s world, Bessie :king: ......is the QUEEN BEE..


....with all her little worker bee dudes scurrying around, working their butts off to ensure Queen Bee´s comfort.


A lot like The James Harem, actually.



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James ,I would never call my husband and sons  bee drones .....  ;) to their faces.


They are all good, honorable men of very highest Integrity, I could not be More proud of them  :heartpump:


The caterers are cleaning the last of party mess and the dinner guests are gone.

My guess is that our sons and their friends are either going to our sons homes or heading to the beach to continue the birthday V-day festivities.


I wish you all love, contentment and happiness  :heartpump:   :heartpump:

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Boy! I guess I'm out of place on this thread as I took the future Mrs. TUNES shopping at the fur store and bought her a mink coat  (with chinchilla collar) for a combination Valentines Day/ Birthday gift. We also had dinner at an Italian restaurant with my favorite waitress (my daughter) waiting our table.It was freezing out but she was warm and I was warm to see her look so beautiful in her new coat. It was a wonderful Valentines Day.




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