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Hooked On Dr. Hook


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Oh boy..that was kinda painful to watch. I think Ray is a bit older than the other band members, so he must be close to 80 now, I would think? 

While Dennis' voice isn't what it was back in the day, he's still got talent and is SUCH a great performer and funny guy, I can't help but enjoy him. 

He did a solo of Cover of the Rolling Stone where he had the audience members sing....it was a hoot...gonna see if I can find it on YT and post. 

Thanks for starting this thread, Ira. It brings back some really fun memories. :) 


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Ira!  Thank you so much for posting this...."A Little Bit More" has always been one of my favorites!!  I understand Dennis is touring New Zealand and Australia right now, and there is a possibility he may even come to the US for a performance...he won't really say much about it yet...but my fingers are definitely crossed! I'd **almost** go anywhere to see him again! 

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It's nice to see that we can keep an open mind and listen to stuff brought forward by other members to post.  Dr. Hook is on my list of "greatest" CDs to acquire.  They were not totally my cup of tea, though I loved the antics and the fact that children's author, Shel Silverstein (best book I think was "The Giving Tree", and this guy is my middle daughter's favorite author) was the writer of a good portion of Dr. Hook's music selections. 

This was quite an amusing bit of information for me to discover when a month ago or so, I started looking at this band's songs for the ones that were my choices to listen to.  Until today, I didn't know you started this thread, Ira, so this was refreshing to see.

I haven't told my middle daughter yet what I found out (she would get such a kick out of knowing Shel Silverstein was a songwriter as well as a children's book writer!! :P ) as well as a pretty good description of what the band could be categorized as that someone else on a music website had stated --- these guys could be called "Polyester Disco Balladeers" --- because a lot of their popular songs could be played in a disco!  :D

Isn't it amazing the transformations any single singer can go through during their lifetime??  ^_^


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