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R.I.P. Ernie Banks

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Yeah, this is something we agree on. He was my very first hero.  I grew up in Columbus, but I was born in Chicago and was a Cubs fan from the start.  Playing baseball was my thing as a kid....I wore Cubs jackets and hats to baseball practice etc.  I´d call the Columbus newspaperps sports department in the afternoon to get the Cubs score as I couldn´t wait till the morning.  A Cubs loco I was, and Ernie was Mr. Cub...my first hero.



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LC did a great job capturing the spirit of Ernie, but I'd expect nothing less from the best baseball writer on the planet!


For those of you that are Facebook friends with me, I posted a picture of an autograph I have from Banks when I was eleven years old. Very detailed, including my name, a saying, his name, the team, and the year (1971). Nowadays, if guys will sign for kids at all, it is usually just a scribble. I was never a big autograph collector, but even at an early age, I knew his was special. I'd post it here, but I have no clue how to post a photograph.

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