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European Backpacking Vacation on Eurail... Anybody Want To Go?

susie b

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I was digging through some boxes and came across my photos & journals from my backpacking trip across Europe in the summer of 1992.

I wanted to make this trip before my 29th birthday...September 1992. It seemed to be a rite of passage.

Lived on the Eurail & in hostels. 


LOVED IT!!!!   My trains were my little homes away from home...always snug & cozy.  Lots of interesting people!


I've been thinking of doing it again, either this summer or fall. 


Would anyone else be interested in going?


I'm sure some of the routes have changed, but I'm thinking of Bavaria to see some family roots, the Loire Valley, Switzerland & a few more spots.

Let me know if you might be interested. 




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I love your sense of adventure, susie! 

Although I REALLY loved backpacking cross country in my earlier years, I guess I'm just too old and boring these days. 


I have friends that grew up and live near Lake Bodensee on the Germany/Switzerland border near the town of Friedrichshafen...it's an absolutely gorgeous area and every direction you look is more picturesque than the last...I'd love to visit there again. 


If you go.....take tons of pictures and remember lots of stories so you can tell us! :)  

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