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A Modest Fundraising Proposal for Bernie

susie b

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It is my understanding that the annual EC.com garage sale is around the corner. Time to put some $$$$$$ in the coffers to pay for this message board & website.

I hereby submit the following proposal to Bernie:

In addition to the Garage Sale, I'm sure all of the lovely ladies of EC.com would open their wallets & whip out their Amex cards for a chance to purchase their copy of The Men of EC.com Wall Calendar.

I know I am being a bit of a hypocrite after my November post, but I don't think that our gallant guys would object to being objectified for a good cause...would you, fellas????

The following are my opening suggestions for models & months...

January         Bernie looking dapper in a nice Italian suit, sitting on a desk or comfy plush executive type chair.
February        EC himself, King of Hearts.  Anything will do!
March            Our favorite for St. Pat's...Blackhawkpat!!!!!!
April               Tony Cartmill with a bunch of bunnies.
May                Kirk  somewhere outside in California looking California cool.
June               LC doing something baseball oriented.
July                James as a firefighter....fanning the flames of his harem OR as Uncle Sam with fireworks.
August            Lew & Tommy,  poolside with tropical drinks.
September     Ira looking professorial in a classroom...a school girl's crush!
October          Batman in all of his Caped Crusader glory.
November      Pretender sitting by a stereo looking like the All American Boy surrounded by tons of records.
December      Santa Bernie & Santa Hossy!!!

I'll donate my services as a stylist & set decorator!

Just a thought!



PS  If more of the fellas want to participate, we could create a 365 day daily tear off calendar.

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Hey Bernie....

All joking aside....is this thing feasible? A friend created the Men of Vanderbilt calendar in the early 1980's & raised a lot of $ for charity. Women will drop the $ for this calendar. I think that all of our guys are ABSOLUTELY adorable and would love to have them, fully clothed, as wall art!!!!


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That's very generous of you Batman, however, we couldn't allow you to make such a sacrifice...those super villains may try to use the photos against you and we wouldn't want to hinder your crime fighting abilities.

You are quite the stud in uniform, and personally, I like leaving some things to the imagination...it's much more of a turn on.

My only question...which era of costume will you be wearing?

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