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Paul and Brian


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When I unofficially won the contest as "The Unhappiest Kid Ever " in 1962...Brian's music made me dream...as it did for many.. that if ONLY I could get to Malibu....


Even as  a fat kid wearin' a yarmulke I would have Blonde Chicks fightin' to take me to bed...


Then as I got older...SURPRISE...SURPRISE...


I learned EVEN Brian wasn't livin' that California  life...


Did I feel betrayed?...NOPE..."Love And Mercy"..I love him more than ever!!


I don't know shit about the history of this song...I just heard it!


But it has Brian's wonderful Gift AND naievete...which is why he will always be my favorite artist!


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Birdy..Growing up in a hypocritical Quasi-Orthodox Jewish household with a borderline mother and sweet but depressed and castrated father...ain't "Almost Paradise".


It's like growing up in an Amish World where in addition...your parents are psychotic...


I've worked incredibly hard to find happiness...and sometimes the doldrums still sneak up..


But  I finally have a good life with great kids and now in  long-term relationship #3..a GREAT woman..


BTW.. for MANY people like myself...the reason they know so much about Rock and Roll...or Star Trek or The Honeymooners...don't always come from a good place..


It comes from a place where being  "In My Room"...was better than what was goin' on outside my room..


That 60's and 70's music was my salvation..


I don't LOVE spillin' on the internet...But once in awhile..confession's good for the soul..


Brian..like me.. was saved by a great woman too.. in his case...Melinda...


As the great philosopher..R. Starkey wrote..


"It Don't Come Easy".


So let's stop feudin' here and enjoy how Eric's music brought us ALL to this party!

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