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GREAT Tragic Rockers


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Many early rockers from the late 50s and the beginning of the 60s we tend to overlook, forgetting that these artists also influenced even the Beatles before they hit it big.  One such singer,  Johnny Burnette, whose voice I just love to pieces, died tragically by the age of 30 in a boating accident.  If he hadn't passed as soon as he did, we might have heard more great stuff from him.


The songs I most remember from Mr. Burnette are:


"Dreamin' " --- which I just posted a video for this in the "How About This For A Song" thread

"You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful (And You're Mine)" --- Ringo Starr had a remake of this & it was a hit for him

"Little Boy Sad" --- I didn't remember this one until I heard it, which encourages me to listen to other early songs




Johnny Burnette was also one of those singers back in the day that may have been taking their que from Elvis Presley as far as style of singing, as was Terry Stafford and Conway Twitty.




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