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Hit Songs I DON"T Like (No opinion) # 2


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I think I did this once before...


I'm sure ALL of you have a number of MAJOR HITS you never liked!!


I'm not voicing any opinions here as to why I never liked certain tunes...


I can even understand the reason many of these songs were Monster Hits...


BUT..if you guys wanna give opinions on big hits you didn't like...who am I to say NO..


Just thought it would be fun to post tunes that are iconic but that y'all....NEVER LIKED...


(Susie just reminded me on my country thread that y'all is Proper Country Speak..Thanks Susie B ;) )


I REALLY liked Martha and The Vandellas' "Jimmy Mack"..and "Come and Get these Memories" and "Honey Child"...BUT....


Me and my therapist have been trying for years... to figure out why I never liked this classic.. :huh:


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Don Henley.......Dirty Laundry


I absolutely detest this song!!!!!!



The song was released at the time when I lost two friends to a horrific accident, and the over the top media coverage just somehow tied in with this song.




I can deal with ***Sloop John B a million times instead of Dirty Laundry.




***See Ira's Worst Beach Boys Song thread for details

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Don't misunderstand,  I really like the Divine Miss M ---  but these two songs of hers I don't find so divine . . .


"From A Distance"

( . . . perhaps because I don't believe the lyrics "God is watching us from a distance", in my experience nothing could be further from the truth)


"Wind Beneath My Wings" --- UGH!!!  PHONEEEYYY!

(. . . sounds like trying to ditch guilt feelings in a blanket of "because you allowed me to treat you bad" --- and I saw the movie "Beaches" and loved it, but NOT this song)

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