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Bands Singing About Other Bands

susie b

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Since Ira & Pretender got things on a roll with their great posts, let's try another musical brain teaser...


How many songs can you name in which the band sings about or mentions another band, musician or singer?


I'll get us started...


No surprises from Susie...here's Nick...talking about The Bay City Rollers and how to get out of a contract?????

Nick talks about how he tried to get fired by writing such a stupid song, but of course record companies being who & what they are....

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Aw, no sweat!!  Easily for me the BEST one is Adam Levine of Maroon 5 !!!!!!



. . . I don't much care for the body graffiti, but Adam has got such a distinctive voice so I pay attention to that mostly . . . of course the parody for this is funny




AnneNR :D

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Courtesy of Wikipedia ---


Wolfman Jack released two albums on the Wooden Nickel label: Wolfman Jack (1972) and Through the Ages (1973).[11] His 1972 single "I Ain't Never Seen a White Man" hit #106 on the Billboard Singles Charts


  ---- so does da Wolfman count ???  :pray:



. . . and a TV performance by the Who . . .



AnneNR  :D

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