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Sir Paul McCartney a couple of months ago, but unfortunately only by proxy. I wished I had known, but when some kind fellow board member posted the video, I found the sound not of the best quality, except for his voice.

I was alive when the building he played, a teen, and they're changing it around and renaming it.

Whenever I need some fun, I always turn to "Mull of Kintyre", Eric Carmen and Raspberries.

Good music is worth the bump.:)

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Maybe because a lot of today's music is CRAP.......young people who would normally follow Pop/Rock/R&B have gravitated to other areas.......jazz, country, ethnic, and yes, older acts, too. You would be surprised how many young ones, complete with tattoos and nose rings, no less, would show up at a Tony Bennett concert!!

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On 12/29/2014 at 3:17 PM, ira said:

I happened across this just now...Breathes new beauty into a GREAT song by the GREAT John Stewart performed originally by the much loved Davey Jones...Enjoy!



Wow! This is great. One of the great pop songs ever, written by John Stewart, covered famously by the Monkees and then everyone from Anne Murray to U2. And I never knew Burton Cummings took a stab at it until snooping around old content here. And... as noted in his interview here, it's a song he did with The Guess Who many decades ago. 

Thank you, Ira, for this great find. (Where the heck is Ira, anyway?)

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Nice version by Burton. Sounds really full despite just the piano. He's still working hard, touring, getting his music out there live.

Burton, on his 3rd solo album, did a version of "When a man loves a woman" that's really great, the best version of the dong I've heard.



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