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Susie..I was REALLY kidding...I LOVE Nick Lowe...


In fact when I complained about my ex-wife and would insist...(take my word that I was right... if you wanna be my friend.. :D )..that she had no "Joie De Vivre"..


I would say..."I knew the bride when she USED to rock and roll"!

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Ok, Ira!


I hope that you really do like Nick and that you're just not saying it to be on my super good guy list.


Between you and another person on this forum giving me choices between Brian, EC & Nick, I don't know what I'm gonna do.


Love 'em all, but....


I will say this...with the Basher, this long limbed girl can wear heels! ;)






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Many gems here!


Boz Scaggs and Jackson Browne - both have toured through MN recently and I can now kick myself for not going!  Lucky Marlene Canadianchick and Pretender!


"These Days" is a particular favorite of mine Pretender!  Your video seems to have some added lyrics!  A great birthday gift!

One of my favorite verses:


These days I sit on corner stones

And count the time in quarter tones to ten, my friend

Don't confront me with my failures-

I have not forgotten them......


true musical poet!

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I've always been a Rod Stewart fan and have been going to see him for close to 40 years.   He still puts on a great show and has always seemed to enjoy performing.


This past year I have also seen Ian Hunter (around 75 years old) and Peter Wolf at a small venue.  I really enjoyed the shows.   They sounded really good.   


All three still have that rock star look and are still great front men.    

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