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What acts have you seen that are still GREAT though they are 60+..?


With my dear friend Valorie of Thunder Bay Canada in mind...(Home of Valorie and Paul Schaefer)...I present the GREAT Burton Cummings!


(Burton by the way...ALWAYS reminded me of Sir Paul and Sir Eric...


all of whom sound beautiful when singing ballads and astonishing singing  "Rockers"..See "American Woman" for further edification... B) )


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Alright Susie...Let's go a little further back...


Lenny Welch was incredible..and like so many UBER-Talents...shoulda been a contender...BUT..S%#T Happens..


His live performances are GREAT..and he's SO nice..


I think he gave my Beverly goose bumps when we saw him last year..and still...


I found it in my heart to forgive him... :)


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Well, I can understand why you'd need to forgive Beverly...this guy would give me goosebumps too.


Although one of these guys is not within the age range (Darian), wouldn't it be nice to see these guys perform?


Wayne has already given Eric a waiver if I get goosebumps when he sings.  If Wayne wants to be married to me, he has to.  ;)
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Valorie..(Canadianchick..to you folks who don't speak Canadian)...Here's Johnny from his 70th Birthday party that you and I and Beverly and some former friends saw at B.B. Kings in NYC...


He was pretty good EY ?...


(Again...For those of you who don't speak Canadian...Translation..."He was pretty good...Huh ?)


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