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Perfect Pop Songs


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     There are a few songs that have that perfect sound to always make me smile when I hear them,No matter how I;m feeling at the time.

     The Cure are best known for songs of sadness and despair,but it's the occasional pop tune that Robert Smith pens that I really love.Especially this one:




I'm sure we all have some songs that always take us to a happy place for 3 or 4 minutes when we hear them.

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This is ALWAYS a good topic!  So many "up" songs, so little time.
I've posted other songs in similar topics, so I'll go further down my list.
How can you NOT love the Bay City Rollers?

The Bay City Rollers cover EC's Let's Pretend, produced by Jimmy Ienner.

Posted this one for  Wendy-Ann...2 for 1 !!! ;)

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Cynical Girl was my favorite song on Marshall's brilliant debut album.It did get airplay on the U of I station(WPGU). I gave up on commercial radio during the disco era.College radio is so much more adventurous(and not as repetitive)I also never got into oldies radio,as the ones.around here at least(despite the wealth of material available) still seem to play the same tracks over and over.Now I rely a lot on facebook friends from the 80s Champaign music scene(Brad Elvis among them) who post a lot of interesting music(new and old).

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There have been a lot of talented musicians in Champaign,but Jay Bennett was one of the best.I had the good fortune of seeing him many times through the years,from the earliest days of Titanic Love Affair(they used to open for the Elvis Brothers frequently),his time in Wilco,a couple times with Adam Schmitt,and once with Ed Burch.Jay's death was one of the more tragic in rock.(Jay died of an accidental overdose from a leaky pain relief patch for his degenerative hip.)He is truly missed.

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