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Well, dear and noble Sir Ira, you are and always shall be my Stud Bran Muffin, so pure and unspoiled...
The perfect specimen of gallant manhood, but alas, your true heart belongs to another, the fair Lady Beverly.
For the sake of your lady love, your safety may not be put at risk.
Since King James has gone a-Maying with the Lady Hillary, yes, this is the TRUE reason that he has left the board,
the harem has been getting restless. Girls have needs!
We pondered to call upon the gallant and noble Sir Lew, but we understand that his beloved Lewisa has
just been returned to him from the bed of King James...the Lady Hillary ousted poor Lewisa in a jealous rage.
Greedy she-swine that she is, the Lady Hillary refused to share the affections of the King with either poor Lewisa or us,
his beloved courtesans. The Lady Hillary steadfastly refuses to acknowledge that King James cannot be satisfied by the love of only one woman.
So, in the absence of the King, we, the collective harem of King James have agreed to audition a local youth.
The lad is a troubadour of jazz! We shall see how he measures up against King James.
The Jazzman comes to us with high regard! He shows promise of proving himself worthy;
the lad has already serenaded us outside our bedroom window on Christmas morn.
Perhaps there is another gallant knight in the realm of King Eric the Great who shall depose the neglectful King James and free the harem.
Or perhaps said noble knight shall slay the evil Lady Hillary and break her spell to return to us our beloved King James...
because harem chicks dig James...

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