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Ian McLagan of the Small Faces dies


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Thanks for the rememberance of Ian.  He will be missed.  :crying:


Yes Brian, TSFs had a big influence on Eric's early music.  I amost appreciate Steve Marriott's voice as much as I love E's voice and talents.  :heartpump:


I posted several historical videos on TSFs in Come Around And See Me a few months ago.  Also, here is something some of us may remember:


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Aww... this is sad! Too soon again!


 I will admit to some lack of knowledge on my part - I did not think I knew who the Small Faces were and had seen them named here often as an influence to Eric Carmen - well, a click on Itchycoo Park, and I surprised myself!  I guess I just never knew the name of the song and now am learning the connections to Rod Stewart, Rolling Stones, etc. Just seeing the videos of Itchycoo Park and Tin Soldier, I believe I do see them in Eric Carmen's music!

I'm going to have to go read some previous threads!  Rock and Roll history is sure fascinating, but the losses over time are very sad!


Thanks for the information and videos.



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