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Bobby Keys R.I.P Sax player on many hits!


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70 is too young to die, but what an interesting life he experienced! Neat that he had played a few years ago in Ohio and people were able to hear him, get autographs, etc.


On another note - when looking at this article, there was the Cleveland Jukebox article (on the right) with the top 100 songs of Northeast Ohio - listing (of course!) songs from The Choir, Cyrus Erie, Raspberries, and Eric Carmen! One song per artist. (Maybe this has already been discussed somewhere, but was a fun find for me.!) 




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Man, the Stones have been around so long, it almost feels as though they are gonna be here forever.  What a shock of saddening reality when one passes away.  :unsure:


The Rolling Stones are now all in "grandpa" age range, I wonder how long they will last.  Any bets that Keith Richards will be the last man standing?  (Just because he seems to be the one who should've probably not lasted this long!)  It is amazing to me how genetics and health affect how long a person lives.  It was said that George Burns smoked cigars everyday of his life, then he died a couple of months after his 100th birthday --- just think how long he would have lived if he hadn't smoked!!  :)



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